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repair, and related services to complete your projects.


The businesses that never close; who are working while we are playing, and are awake when we are asleep.

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Accommodating your business needs 24/7

We have accommodated many types of businesses over the years and have learned to adjust our schedules to better service their facilities when the public is not within the structure. It can't be said that we enjoy the graveyard shift, but at least it's quiet.

One concern with servicing facilities after hours is the requirement of having two people attend the repair due to safety regulations. Perhaps you have an employee who would enjoy understanding the real meaning of working late and wishes to keep us company?

Service & Maintenance Plans

Ask us about our service and maintenance plans, designed to give you peace of mind before a breakdown occurs in your business.

What to expect:

  • An understanding of your business needs
  • Maintenance and repair schedules
  • Clean work spaces
  • Clear and accurate billing processes
  • Excellent communication & service routines
  • High levels of experience
  • Experienced trade supervision and communication
  • Safety awareness
  • Password-protected project photos through web access
  • Insured and licensed in the Province of Alberta
  • Valued added services like password-protected web access to your job

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