Providing professional installation, renovation, maintenance,

repair, and related services to complete your projects.


Providing professional installation, renovation, maintenance, repair and related services to assist you with your projects.

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Contractor Services with Confidence

Providing professional construction, Commercial and Residential renovations, Insurance Claims Repairs, Office installation, Facility Maintenance, and related services in the Edmonton area.


We at Canadian Contractor Services aspire to become your first call in the installation, renovation, maintenance and repair services industry.  We have established a comprehensive service company whose brand has been accepted throughout the Edmonton area for 15 years.


The success of our business depends on superior product knowledge, excellent service routines, attention to detail throughout our operations, trained personnel, and a high level of experience across many trades.


We developed our business model to allow you to make just one phone call for all your project requirements.


Canadian Contractor Services is a company with 35 years of owner experience throughout the construction industry.

We have participated in the construction industry as project management team members on 330 million dollar builds, ground works, residential apartment complexes, yearly customer warranty services and everything in between. We strive to alleviate the pressure points long before they occur. Furthermore, we are committed to working with our clients in a fair and efficient manner.


We have client accessible password-protected web portals for all site communications and project tracking.  Every facet of the project is uploaded to the cloud from start to finish with accompanying change orders, invoicing and pricing paperwork.  You will have peace of mind that all issues are being tracked and serviced with the ability to download to your own server files.


We understand that in today’s construction environment, certification, training, applicable licensing and insurance are compulsory. Safety is not an option, and understanding COR requirements in commercial work is mandatory. If the project demands it we take steps to hire the appropriate professionals who are insured, bonded or licensed to work that trade and pass our stringent obligations of project management. You will appreciate getting the right contractor for your situation.


Please contact us to see if we can help you finish your project in a timely fashion. Call (780) 570-5088 or fill out our contact form online at our website.