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Building Renovations

Every building project is as different as chalk and cheese

Buildings have specific needs, as do the people constructing them and those working in the completed structure. We endeavor to assist by customizing our maintenance plans and repair programs to better serve you in a timely fashion.

Use our experience to identify your commitment in keeping the building operational and in smooth running order.
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We cater to your specific needs

Our maintenance plans are based upon your specific needs for that structure and we take pride in spending time with you identifying your problem areas so that in future you will have an structured operational maintenance plan.

We have web accessible customized templates accessible to you through a password-protected portal that can be changed on the fly as issues arise. From your underground services to your roof, you will have piece of mind that all issues are being tracked and serviced..

Certainty in process rigour and experience

Our rigour and experience in the commercial industry through our project management skill set in multimillion dollar project management scenarios will give you the confidence that you are hiring the right company to help you with your building needs.

We hire the right trades for the job

We understand that in today’s construction environment, certification, training, licensing and insurance are compulsory. Safety is not an option and understanding COR requirements in commercial work is mandatory.

Where our licensing is not certified, we take steps to hire the appropriate professionals who are insured, bonded or licensed to work in that trade and pass our stringent obligations for project management. You will appreciate getting the right contractor for your situation.


We serve a diverse and typically discerning clientele. CCSC business standards require we have the best interests of the occupant in mind. Your maintained property is the best first impression on a potential purchaser, and a well maintained building keeps its tenants.

CCSC has strong ties to high-quality contractors in the city and our trade knowledge is crucial in selecting long term vendors for your building obligations. Our templates are designed to schedule major component replacement in a practical cost effective process. We can help you develop tenant retention programs and policies to reduce turnover.

Service Repairs

We have the staff to repair many of the building and tenant issue that may arise. Your tenants will have access to web hotlines and portals to open service requests and a call center to take after-hours calls. Our certified and licensed trade network will help you sleep easy at night knowing we are there to look after your project.

Investigation of requests for service over time, allows us to recommend if repair or replacement will solve a recurring issue, adopting the most cost-effective technique minimizing disruption to tenants. Our maintenance division has you protected on minor and major requests, and includes preventative care as well as energy solutions and savings.

Some of the items repaired:

Attention to a building’s physical requirements requires the coordination of vendors — from landscaping to systems engineering and renovations. Our Service Center is designed to act on tough problems and coordinate responses to both landlords and tenants giving clear lines of accountability to respond properly.

Allow us at Canadian Contractor Services to be part of your tenant’s space design requirements and have us assist in developing a cost-effective scope requirement to suit their needs. Call us at (780) 570-5088 or e-mail us today.

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