We now offer our volunteer Personal Repair Services Program by appointment only.

Servicing the senior residences within Sherwood Park, Alberta

I have respect for the senior community. That generation paid their dues while helping build the culture that has given me the fulfillment of maintaining a business and raising my family. I honor that opportunity. At this time, we are only servicing the senior residences within the Sherwood Park, Alberta community. As our relationships with retirement homes continue, we expect to expand this program.

Seasoned Professionals

Every building has repairs that must be done in a timely fashion. We have a wide variety of trade experience to offer a range of services for your facility. Please contact our service department to inquire if we can assist you.

Personal Repair Services Program

We now offer our volunteer Personal Repair Services Program by appointment only, twice a month; to facility-based seniors who have personal items that need repairing. This part of the operation arose from a consistent need we noticed while completing service work in the retirement residences. Our techs concluded they were doing as much work for the residents compared to the original service call for the administration.

We’ve decided to separate this part of our business out of the day-to-day operations and try to give back in a small way to those who came before us.

Some of the items repaired:

  • Broken stave on a chair made by her father
  • Grandfather clock woodwork cleaned and mounted on wall
  • Mounting keepsakes in glass cases
  • Videotaping contents for estate purposes
  • Machined parts for an old 1890 coffee grinder & assisted rebuild
  • Setting up Skype and computer monitoring for family conversations
  • Mounting old family photo albums
  • Creating memory keepsakes to pass on to family members
  • Welding brackets on furniture repair
  • Assembling bookcases

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