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Animal Husbandry Requires the Right Person

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Interviews with hobby farm owners. Specialty livestock, pygmy pigs & horses, snakes, chickens and goats. Horse care and feed. Winter routines vs Summer. Fencing and security. Dog care. Scheduled visits and what to look for when walking the property.

Small Farm Operations

Interviews with small farms, water and feed, winter routines, stock checks, disease and injury. Owner communications and video transfer. Security camera operations and access

Special Operations

Specialty Operations and Animals (Fowl and Ferrets?)

Animals and Land



Responsible & Reliable

You want someone who has built the fences, fixed the problems and cleaned the barns. Someone who understands an animal in distress by watching its movement and interaction with other members of its herd (flock). We have spent time in the fields during spring calving season, harvested the chicken flocks, controlled vermin, cleaned out waterholes and watched the sun go down from the barns awaiting the birth of a newborn. Moving animals around pastures requires finesse ( or a great dog?!)

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